Keith Daulton

Hi, I'm Keith and I make stuff people love to use

An accomplished Developer and Designer with a passion for crafting amazing user experiences and building tools that empower design and development teams to collaborate and do their best work.

Engineer + Designer

A hands-on leader in user-interface development and design with over 20 years of experience delivering engaging user experiences for design systems, component libraries, developer tools, marketing content and e-commerce. I build systems that bring cohesion and accessibility for all customers, while providing a developer experience, with documentation and code, that engineering teams love to build with.


GitLens for VS Code

Maintainer of the GitLens extension for Visual Studio Code and JetBrains soon™. GitLens is the most popular Git extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace with 29+ million installs and 2 million daily active users.

GitKon Speaker

GitKon 2023

Chirp Design System

Management level, individual-contributor on Chewy's Design System team, tasked with bridging the gap between design and engineering and to grow our team's skill-set as well as the front-end culture at Chewy.

E-Commerce Hybrid SPA

Embedded with design and engineering teams to onboard the design system, implement experiments and advise on front-end best practices. Shipped Chewy's first hybrid experience with Cart and Checkout.

Legacy SaaS Application Redesign

Redesign of a large scale legacy web application with over 100 screens. Incorporated a new design system as part of the redesign.

ScribbleLive (ion interactive)

SaaS Design System

Created a design system for our core applications and advocated for atomic design practices org-wide. Created a CSS architecture for classification, naming and hierarchy, implemented in four applications.

ScribbleLive (ion interactive)

Quiz and Assessment Builder

Developed publishing and participant UIs for collecting and visualizing participant and aggregate data.

ion interactive

Interactive Content Builder

Created first-to-market capability to build responsive grid layouts, directly on the page, using draggable elements and interactive menus. Created highly customizable web components with app-like interactivity and mobile-first responsiveness.

ion interactive

Telephony System Dashboard


Landing Page Concept


Redesign & Vacation Packaging

Brought on to modernize Spirit's old and outdated flight booking experience. Within 9 months, I had restructured the entire website's markup and styles, resulting in a modular, easy to implement, set of reusable interface patterns and JavaScript modules.

Spirit Airlines

Cruise Microsite

Bahama Cruise Vacations

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